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Music publishing and agency:


For commissions and projects contact:

Daniela Braendel:

For rent of scores and parts of orchestra pieces, opera, and large ensembles contact:

Lasse Müller:

For rent of scores and parts of solo pieces, chamber ensemble and choral music contact:

Diana Syrse (for choral and ensemble pieces):

Photos by

  • Astrid Ackermann 

  • Mario Morales

  • Birgit Hupfeld (Der Alte Affe Angst)

  • Purvi Joshi Frameless Formations (Bio)

  • Atreyu Fioravante (Marea Roja)

  • Martin Richartz (Schamrock Festival)

  • Forwart Künstleragentur (Residenz)

  • Víctor Gonzálo

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