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Performed by La Chambre aux échos at the Musée Quai Branly in Paris (France) go directly to minute 27’43’ of the video Courtesy of Quai Branly

PLASTIC BOOM Samir Amarouch, 2021

Composed by Samir Amarouch, performed at the Festival Nouveaux Horizons 2021 in Aix-en Provence (France) go directly to minute 37'15 of the video Courtesy of ARTE

STORY OF LEAVING Diana Syrse, 2021

A collaboration with visual artist Mathilde Lavenne. A project developed at the Cité internationale des Arts in Paris and New York City.

NAHUAL (extract of Connected identities) Diana Syrse, 2017

Performed by Los Angeles Philharmonic in L.A. (USA)


INDICIBLE (première séance) Diana Syrse, 2021

Trio d'argent  et Diana Syrse 2021 (Paris)

Eco by Giorgia Nicolau and Diana Syrse. Interface and electronics designed by Iván Caramés.

Utrecht Conservatorium. Holland

Numenoid by Diana Syrse and Iván Caramés

©Diana Syrse - All Rights Reserved

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