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Connected Identities


In this piece, the Mexican composer and singer Diana Syrse explores the diffracted facets of her own identity, as a woman that comes from Latin America with European and Indigenous roots, who immigrated to Europe in times of growing globalization. Performing the soprano part herself, she unfolds an intimate personal journey, in which she explores multiple external voices in the search for and discovery of her own. This work was conceived in collaboration with writer-director Aleksi Barrière, who co-authored the multilingual libretto and will stage Connected Identities as part of a multimedia concept. This becomes more than a concert piece: it is a platform for international artistic cooperation between Germany, France and Mexico, and an entry point to explore the works of other composers and artists, effectively ‘connecting’ people and works that otherwise would not have shared an artistic space. The form of the staged concert, which involves choreographic direction, video and lighting, is not just another level of hybridization that matches the ubiquitous nature of the material; it also provides an additional entry point into the works, each of which explore ritualism and physicality in singular ways. The visual dimension, when constructed organically with the musical process as is the case here, by artists whose line of work is contemporary music theatre, gives new entry points to the audience, including those who are intimidated by the sound worlds and conventions of the contemporary music scene. 

Music by Diana Syrse

Lyrics by Diana Syrse and Aleksi Barrière

Staging and light design by Aleksi Barrière

Performed by the Secession Orchestra conducted by Clément Mao-Takacs

Produced by La Chambre aux échos - Musée du Quai Branly

Published by RICORDI Berlin

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